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Hello! welcomeZhejiang Xikai Electric Co. , Ltd.
Power company preferred Professional high-voltage component provider +86 577 61666 016



6 reasons to choose high-voltage components

Zhejiang Xikai Electric Co. , Ltd.

Six core advantages
  • Cooperation with well-known enterprises

    Long-term cooperation with well-known enterprises, reliable quality service.?
  • Professional solution

    Provide product selection and professional technical support for companies and manufacturers.
  • Professional R & D team

    Established industry-university-research cooperation relations with several universities.?
  • Excellent equipment quality

    The accessories of well-known parts manufacturers, to prevent materials from causing hidden quality problems.?
  • Quality after-sales service

    7x24 hours dedicated to serving you 24/7.?
  • Global product service

    Has cooperated with many international trading companies to export to Indonesia, Africa, India, Russia and other regions.?


Provide customers with more professional and personalized services

Production + R & D + SalesProvide high-voltage equipment and component selection solutions

+86 577 61666 016Get a plan
Zhejiang Xikai Electric Co. , Ltd.
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